“Zooshi” Cocktail Party

My Hat

In an effort to support our community, and a shameless quest for upscale  appetizers, my friends and I attended a benefit event at  new local restaurant.  It was a “Zooshi” cocktail party – inasmuch as the restaurant features an award-winning sushi menu and the ticket costs would be donated to our local zoo.

I wore a straw hat –but not just an ordinary one.  I used several “hat tricks” to create a unique look.  I rolled up both sides and tacked them.  I then took a beautiful feathered clip and easily slid it into one side of the hat so that the feathers burst out in the front and back.  My outfit was casual;   a long straight skirt and a colorful top (colors complimented by the feathers) and my signature high heels – this time in an animal print.  I felt absolutely “zoolicious”.

Ginny & Barbara

Several guests complimented me immediately and one gentleman asked to have his picture taken with “anyone who would wear a beautiful hat like that”.  But my spotlight was somewhat shifted toward my friend Barbara.  She was wearing a gorgeous jacket which screamed “pure elegance”.  Of course, Barbara always looks fabulous – no doubt because she represents a very upscale national clothing line and has exquisite taste in all things fashion!

No Zooshi For You

After much mingling and chatting – and several Cosmopolitans – I finally made my way to the appetizer station.  Well, I’m guessing that they fed the animals first because it was “NO ZOOSHI FOR YOU” by the time I got there.

Nonetheless, the evening was a success.  The zoo coffers are fuller and there were lots of hat questions and compliments and new friendships to pursue. 

Fellow Zoo Supporters

I hope you are enjoying my hat adventures so far because – believe me – I’m just getting started.  I have many hats to show, stories to share and many tips on how to wear, accessorize and enjoy your hats!

About myhataffair

This blog is about my life-long passion for wearing ladies hats. I will be blogging on a year-long event series that features my prized hat collection.
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1 Response to “Zooshi” Cocktail Party

  1. Jason Freed says:

    Hey Patricia, Its, Jason from La Femme. Your work is amazing! Cant wait to see the pics from last weekend.

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