Double-Dipping On the Party Circuit

My Hat

When invited to two events on the same night at the same time, most people would choose the one that sounds the most promising. But in our group, we just find a way to go to both.

We arrived an hour early at the “Zootini” cocktail party, another benefit with donations going to our local zoo. (You should definitely check out the July 26th People Magazine for a review of “Zoo Story”, a chronicle of the daily life of Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo).

DJ Felix

Easily able to get a seat, we were barely through our first glass of wine when we were approached by the unique Felix (“DJ Felix – In Da House”), a professional DJ and all around Event Producer. I was delighted when he wanted to take some photographs, especially of me in my hat.

Leinani and Shirley

It was a black felt hat with stiff netting all around, culminating in a net bow in the back, with a small burst of spikes shooting upward – a very unusual but pretty hat. In keeping with the theme, I wore an animal print cocktail dress with a matching shawl and very high open-toe dressy black heels. I felt vibrant and colorful.

Wilson and Michael

After much conversation with friends and with “Zoo Keepers” Tony and Leinani, we forged ahead to our next event, a Metro-Mixer at an upscale restaurant at International Plaza. Mingling in a private party room, we were treated to free “fuming” cocktails and delicious appetizers. The party was crowded and in full swing as we made our way around the room.

Metro Mixers

Knowing that in two weeks I would be attending, as a single girl, the “Celebrate Sinatra” formal affair – featuring a Big Band Orchestra – I was definitely on the lookout for potential dance partners. Thanks again to my hat, I met Ron, a resort host who would be attending the event. He promised to save me a dance. Next, I was introduced to Jason, a Communications Professional, with a charming smile and matching personality. He promised to give me at least one whirl around the floor.


Ever the adventurer, I left the private room to check out the restaurant and other bar. To my surprise, I was scooped up by three hat admirers who were hanging out at the piano bar. Being described as a “hot girl” and enjoying a kiss on the cheek from one really handsome man can only be attributed to the wearing of a beautiful hat.

I returned to find my colorful friends chatting with a group of ladies. As I’ve told you before, I love to get hat compliments from other women and there were several of them tonight who claimed that I had inspired them to wear their hats more often (I’ll let you know when the new recruits show up in their hats)!

Designer Roberto Cavalli said that, with his fashion, “you really have to love life and live the style”. If you give it a chance, I truly believe that you will love the life and style that comes from wearing a beautiful hat.

About myhataffair

This blog is about my life-long passion for wearing ladies hats. I will be blogging on a year-long event series that features my prized hat collection.
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1 Response to Double-Dipping On the Party Circuit

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh my, burning the candle at both ends…….. So much mingling……….. So much fun. Meeting new people, running into old friend, keeping things interesting. We’re into another week of interesting events. Can’t wait to see the hats this week.

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