Keeping Things Neat

My Hat

On Saturday evening four gal pals with a commitment to community service and a genuine interest in one of the world’s most popular liquors, headed to a South Tampa restaurant for a “Vodka Fest”. The event was to benefit Voices for Children/guardiam ad litem and promised more than 12 unique vodka samples with food pairings from a Cordon Bleu trained chef.

Bar Flies

As vodka is traditionally “drunk neat”, I felt compelled to “look neat”. So, of course, I wore a hat. It was a basic black straw hat. But I attached a large hot pink flower toward the front. I wore a white cotton “shorts suit” and added hot pink high heel sling backs. I felt smart and summery.

Children's Advocates

We elbowed our way to the bar and scored our seats, thanks to our friend John, who was prepared to thwart any angry Soviets who threatened our position. Our first samples were “peach tea” and “sweet tea” vodkas – a smooth and seemingly innocent start. .We blew through the “Huckleberry” and “Crystal Head” samples and proceeded to sling back two “eco-friendly” vodkas. I’m not sure how “friendly” it was to my own “ecosystem”. Is burning and choking a good sign?

Hat Groupies

I was then introduced to Patt and Carol, two hat admirers, who wanted to compare notes on the “Three Olives” vodka, a grapy “Purple” and an orange blend called “Rang Tang” All I can say is that , after the orange Rang Tang, I was feeling “Every Which Way But Loose”. Thank goodness for John, our designated driver. Patt’s husband graciously took, not one,but three pictures so that we would all look good in at least one of them! (“I’m ready for my close-up now Mr. DeMille”).

Sex and The City Girls

At this point I spotted the “Sex and The City” girls at the other end of the bar. I went over to visit and talk about hats. All four of them were very attractive and funny and they all said that they loved hats. As two of them were lawyers, a debate ensued as to who would be most like “Miranda” on “Sex and The City”. Is it Robyn, Claudia, Amy or Collete? If you know them, let me know what you think.


Next, our favorite bartender, Travis, poured us a hefty sample of the Stoli Elite vodka. Funny, these drinks were starting to go down very easily and I was even beginning to believe the descriptions – smooth, tongue-tingling, seductive, sumptuous, velvety, “just soft beautiful purity”. Have I developed a taste for drinking vodka “neat”? Or am I just neatly drinking too much vodka!

Floored by Vodka

I took my last sample, a vodka called “Hanger”, over to visit with a group of friends sitting in a leather booth. I think it should be called “Cliff-Hanger”, as I somehow slid off the edge of the booth and landed on the floor. John decided to turn this into a “photo-op”.

I guess if you’re going to end your evening falling on your “bottomside”, it’s a little better if your “topside” is wearing a hat!

About myhataffair

This blog is about my life-long passion for wearing ladies hats. I will be blogging on a year-long event series that features my prized hat collection.
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2 Responses to Keeping Things Neat

  1. I love your blog. I love and wear a lot of hats. I do get a lot of comments. Maybe I will add that to my blog. we could link if you like.

  2. I really like this blog . Well written and great fun .

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