LaFemme Magnifique International

Isn't he lovely?

Charles Aznavour is one of France’s most popular and enduring singers and song writers. He became a major success in the 70’s and has collaborated with many of music’s legendary performers including Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, Liza Minnelli , Luciano Pavarotti and Josh Grobin, just to name a few!

Pretty in Pink

I mention Aznavour because I remember discovering one of his hit songs of the 70’s called “What Makes a Man a Man”. I must have played it thousands of times throughout the years. It is a beautiful and haunting song about the tragic existence of a drag queen who says “ ..each night I work at a strange bar, impersonating every star, I’m quite deceiving….”

"I enjoy being a girl!"

Many things have changed in the last forty years, and as I found myself attending the most fierce and glamorous competition of female impersonation, LaFemme Magnifique International, in Portland, Oregon, I couldn’t help but think of Aznavour’s gravelly, sexy voice singing “… tell me if you can what makes a man a man…”

Pagent Winner!

The LaFemme Magnifique Pageant features the most stunning female impersonators in the world. As I watched them work the gigantic stage and runway , I was struck by their style, beauty, talent, glamour and creativity. Their magical transformation is expressed through creative make-up, hair and costume design. (Strict rules prohibit surgical or hormonal changes to their bodies). I was “wowed” by their Vegas-style showgirl costumes and amazed by the elaborate head-dresses which I, of course, see as just another exaggerated version of a HAT. I was enthralled!

Show Girl Winner!

The Pageant producers, Darcelle XV and Roxy LeRoy are two of the most uniquely wonderful people that I have ever met. They are kind, gracious and extremely talented and you would be very fortunate to be able to call them friends. I am so grateful to my dearest friends, David and Steve, for enabling me to see such a fabulous show and to meet their wonderful friends. I will never forget it. (I will tell you more about Darcelle and Roxy in my next blog – you will be ASTONISHED at the beauty and elegance of their home. I have many pictures to share.)

Darcelle XV

Naturally, I felt compelled to wear a hat to the show. I chose my favorite cocktail hat, the same one I wore to the Sinatra Party. (And you can see it on my intro page for the web-site). It is such a beautiful and delicate black silk rose with a poof of feathers and a sweep of netting across the face. When I wear it, I feel feminine, soft and sexy. I received many compliments. This evening, however,was all about the beauty contestants and their stunning hair, make-up, gowns and jewlery. I just sat back in awe and enjoyed every moment of the show.

The Mona He's a

From the pictures on this blog, you will meet the performers as “women”. My next blog is a DON’T MISS because I have pictures of many of them as themselves – men! I’m sure that you will soon agree that their female illusionary artistry is truly impressive. Everyone was warm, friendly and welcoming and I had a wonderful time at the barbecue at Darcelle and Roxy’s home the following day. (I bought some “bling” at the party which I’ll show you next time.)

2010 LeFemme Magnifique

Congratulations to Adrienne Alexander and Lily Armani who were both crowned 2010 LaFemme Magnifique International.

As Charles Aznavour sang “…. nobody has the right to be the judge of what is right for me, tell me if you can what makes a man a man”.

About myhataffair

This blog is about my life-long passion for wearing ladies hats. I will be blogging on a year-long event series that features my prized hat collection.
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4 Responses to LaFemme Magnifique International

  1. Lucy says:

    What an event that must have been. I am sure the pictures don’t do justice to the beautiful costumes they were wearing. Can’t wait to see what they’ll be wearing next year.

  2. David M Behrend says:


    You did an excellent job of posting. Hurry and get the rest done I can hardly wait. You do not have their names tho! The only one I cannot tell whom it is, picture #6, got me girl!

    Loved the BLOG!

  3. Phil Leigh says:

    It was good to see you again last night at Donnatello’s. I will contact you in early October about getting more info on Vivo.

    As you explained, I noticed that your picture “comes-up” on the front page of Google Image searches for Hat Affair. Your blog could similarly benefit by using tags and I could not determine if you are using them. For example, tags for this post might have included “female impersonator beauty contest”.

    — Phil

  4. OMG – I just came across this!! It was so wonderful to meet you when you were here…..

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