Hosting My Hat Affair Party

My Hat

If you are following my blog, you know by now that I have been collecting hats for many years. Along the way, I picked up some vintage fox fur stoles that were very popular in the 30’s and 40’s. I’m also fond of vintage gloves and I have an extensive collection of costume jewelry.

A Typical Layout

It takes some time to prepare for this type of hat party but it is worth every effort. The “cocktail hour”. the “dress up” period, the “picture-taking” and the ultimate “restaurant revelation” makes everyone feel happy, special and very glamorous! It makes for a real “Somewhere In Time” evening.

No flutes for us!

One of my favorite parts of the preparation process is getting out the beautiful “Rosepoint” crystal champagne glasses and plates that my mother left to me. Shirley is having a Martini but Donna and I are enjoying the “old fashioned” way of sipping our champagne in these beautiful cut crystal glasses!

I remember Mama!

As this is a “theme” party, the invitations included certain “rules” for those who participated. I asked them to wear a simple dark outfit e.g. black, brown, navy. This would assure that the hats, furs, gloves and jewelry would be showcased and give the ensemble that “vintage” look. My friends were only too happy to oblige.

Foxy Lady

During the second hour of the party, each of my friends went to the “sitting room” to choose an ensemble. I was very pleased that each one of them found something that was, not only beautiful, but flattering to their hair and eye color. And, of course, I helped choose the hat that was just right for each one!

Singing the Blues

I gave my friend Judy a “high” black hat that I bought at Harrods in England. Carol wore a gorgeous black hat with sparkles that complimented her crystal jewelry. Patsy was adorned in a beautiful brown hat with a large bow. Barb was in a small navy decorative hat angled on her head. My own hat, made by a milliner in Oregon, is one of my most stunning chapeaus!

My Normal Attire!

As there were ten of us, I am selecting a few close-ups, but I hope you will notice in the group shots how perfectly the girls chose their individual looks. What can I say, my friends have very good taste.

We had an hour after dressing to enjoy more champagne and hors d’oeuvres and take some wonderful photos. I was thrilled that the girls were having so much fun and really “getting into character” for this night.

Feathered Friends

I really loved the hat that Donna chose. It suited her personality perfectly. She is a very elegant lady with a lot of poise and as she sat in her chair she reminded me of Grace Kelly. I have had that hat for many years and, believe me, it is tough to store with those long feathers! It looked beautiful on her.

Dressed To The Nines!

I know that you are going to enjoy “the rest of the story”. Naturally, I wanted us to be visible in our beautiful and unique attire. I had made a reservation at an upscale restuarant that is very popular and I knew it would probably be crowded on a Friday night. We arrived a little early and decided to wait at the bar.

A True Phil-anthropist!

Obviously, there was not room for ten ladies at the crowded bar. That was when I met the handsome, and very “dapper” Phil. After laughing and suggesting that we were certainly not a PETA convention, he offered to buy two bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Soon we were passing flutes of champagne amongst the girls. Thanks Phil, you are very generous.

Here's to you Phil!

After being seated at our table, we continued the chatting and laughter and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. People were coming over to the table to ask about our event. I was astonished when a woman at a table next to us turned out to be a member of my high school graduating class. It was quite the coincidence. Several people were trying on our hats.

I'm a Diva!

The end of the evening proved to be quite the “brouhaha” because someone had cancelled my ride home and some of us were stranded. Oh well, Phil to the rescue again. He ended up having his “driver” take us home, a considerable distance out of the way. We were very grateful.

Why couldn't I go?

I have to admit that cleaning up and puting hats etc. away after this kind of party is quite a chore. However, it was a memorable evening and everyone enjoyed it immensely. Buddy, my Miniature Schnauzer, kept me company as I put my house back together again. Buddy loves hats!

You don’t have to have a hat collection to have a wonderful hat party. Just have everyone wear their own favorite hat and see how much fun you will have. A hat makes you feel graceful and elegant.
Men will notice and compliment you. And they may even buy you some champagne!

About myhataffair

This blog is about my life-long passion for wearing ladies hats. I will be blogging on a year-long event series that features my prized hat collection.
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2 Responses to Hosting My Hat Affair Party

  1. Lucy says:

    What a night that was ! I don’t remember ever feeling so elegant ! You went above and beyond getting us gussied up for the event, pouring the champagne and having a table full of nibblets before we left for dinner.

    We made quite a scene as we entered Capital Grill. Heads were turning. Smiling, inquisitive faces watched as we entered the restaurant. I’m sure they wondered where this bevy of beauties came from. Awww, but we will never tell.

    You captured Phil’s attention immediately ! Thanks to you, Patricia, we were all treated to a glass of very good Champagne at the bar before dinner. Memories of a lovely evening still linger in my mind.

  2. David M Behrend says:


    Loved the last two Blogs. So fun and interesting knowing when and where you are going!
    Did you ever finish the blogs from Portland, if so I never saw the last one, what happened? We love you so much and hope to talk soon

    David and Steve

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